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I peeped from the tiny opening in the wall,

I saw my brothers and my neighbours,

The elders, the weak, the feeble,

I saw children and youths,

Throwing stones at one another and running,

I saw a man wearing cassock and vest,                                           

With the book of the law in one hand,

and a machete in the other,

I peeped and I saw a white bearded man,

wrapped with turban from head to neck,

with the holy book in one hand a knife in the other,

Chanting songs of war

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So I asked, who did this to us?

Who deceived us into slaying one another?

Why are we destroying ourselves?

Shedding blood and bathing in them

Was it not on this land?

That our fore-fathers stood together,

And fought together, to secure our freedom and unity,

The Imam gladly stood next to the priest holding hands,

Singing songs of freedom,

Why then, do we now live in fear

and hatred created by us?

Why then, do we glory in slaying our neigbhours?

And rejoice in the massacre of our own people,

I asked, when did we become hungry and thirsty for that red liquid   

That flows in our body?

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Throw away the stones and the machetes,

Throw away the anger and the hatred,

Throw away the grudge and the offense,

Settle the feud and the schism

And let’s embrace one another

Remember, we are all HUMANS!

Ways to Become A Happier Person

Be happy always

Be Inspired..!!

“I just want to be happy!”Whether you have said this, or heard it from someone else, it’s a pretty common theme in our current culture. Everyone wants to be “happy.” The only problem is they don’t know what this means or how to make it happen.

Happiness comes from the activities we engage in andattitude we hold. Learning to fill up our “half-empty glass,” finding value and opportunities in setbacks, and intentionally engaging in positive experiences can all be ways to live a happier life.Happiness is an emotion, and just like all other emotions it’s fleeting and impermanent, however there are certain activities and ways of living that can help uscreate a happier life.

Below you’ll find some keys to happiness :

  • Show Gratitude. Sorry for overdosing on gratitude posts but gratitude is important. A simple thank you, to God, the sky, earth, to the universe or to no…

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It’s the last day of the year!

Black and white

I took a deep breath and reflected on the past year

The highs and lows like the sea waves

The success and the failures

The achievements and disappointments

The setbacks and the progress

The breaking down and the rising up

The dark days and the sunny days

Days I didn’t feel like continuing but I continued

Times I felt like giving up but still kept on

In all, my accomplishments this year overwhelms me personally (and I haven’t started yet)

I asked myself, how did I do it?

I don’t how and I can’t explain

But, one thing I did was ‘move’

And I kept moving.

So, I would like to say Thank You to God and everyone, I mean every single person that gave me a little push in the right direction.

As I welcome the new year,

My shoes are buckled, my lace tied and I am ready to start moving again, one step and one day at a time. So Help me God!


Dear Santa,

Christmas day came dragging along the “giftman” The very mention of santa makes my heart leap because I know he is coming with my wishes.

Dear Santa,

I wish that all the homeless have a place to call home.

Dear Santa,

I wish that all the abandoned have someone to show them love.

Dear Santa,

I wish that all those struggling experience peace and fulfilment.

Dear Santa,

I wish that all the people missing be found.

Dear Santa,

I wish that all those lost will find their way back home.

Dear Santa,

I wish that all my wishes be granted.


What is me without YOU!!I know it’s God’s attribute,But, He sent angels to guide and help His own images on earthI am one of God’s image,And He sent an angel ahead of meBefore my conception or birthGod is omniscience,He knew how rough the road will beHe knew I needed a superbeing,A caring soul, A dedicated heart

A Selfless being, a philanthtopist,Full of grace and wisdom.So, he sent him (my brother).We all call him Father andhe has always played that role for us.He has touched many lives and put smiles on the faces of many,Thank you for all that you do.Knowing I have someone like you as my blood,gives me a thousand reasons to continue living and thriving.So, on this occassion of your birthday,I am wishing you blessings, prosperity, peace, abundance and many more.Please help me wish my Father, Brother and the Founder of amfa FOUNDATION a Happy Birthday!!

Chronicles of Mrs (Part 3)

“I think we should call him with my second number and if the strange woman picks, I will pretend to be a business client waiting for him at the office. That way, we should be able to talk to him”.  Okay, I just want to talk to Jude and squeeze life out of him. Jedi replied.

Sophia: Hello

Strange woman: How can I help you

Sophia: I will like to speak with Mr Jude

Strange woman: who are you?


Strange woman: Hello, I said who are you?

Sophia: Well, this is Mrs. Bruce his business partner kindly put him on the phone

Strange woman: He will not be able to talk to you now but he will get back to you.

Sophia: Kindly tell him he has just 30 minutes to get back to me or I will call off the deal and get my money back. Bye. (drops the call).

“Now we just have to wait for him to call back” The two friends sat down on the chair staring at the phone on the table in front of them.

. . . .                             

Dropping the phone back on the bed. She hurriedly dressed up, packed her things and removed the fifty thousand Jude had in his wallet.  Then she hesitated, and left a thousand naira for his transportation with a note:

“Hello handsome, welcome back from paradise, am sure you enjoyed your self last night, well, if you can’t remember kindly check the bathroom. Mrs Bruce called and she is waiting for you. For your own safety, don’t try to look for me”

All what Jude could remember correctly was going into the bar to have a drink with the beautiful stranger after getting down from the bus. He taught his brain was playing some tricks on him feeling like he just woke up from a trance. ‘Not so ‘Rather, it was the beautiful stranger that played some dirty tricks to sleep with him and rip him of some cash. For the strange woman, she carefully targets and seduce her victims drug them and rapes them. (Strange you say… Well, women now rape men). It was quite unfortunate that Jude fell into her trap that day.

He picked up the note beside him on the bed, checks his phone and Suddenly, he screamed NO! NO! God! How did this happen to me? Oh my wife! Jude dialed the last number on his call log:

Jude: Hello

Sophia: Mr Jude why did you do this to your wife?

Jude: Please who am I speaking to? Am so confused right now

Jedi snapped the phone out of her friend’s hands,

“Jude you left me for a strange woman, My God will Jugde you.

Jude: Honey am so sorry, please I will explain when I see you.

They have only been married for 2 years and now, there is an accidental infidelity.