Jedi opened her eyes in the hospital, she looked around the room from one object to another, sitting at the tip of the bed was Jude looking pale. He was fast asleep. Looking straight at him she said aloud:

Jedi: where is sophy?

Jude jacked up

darling you are awake, how are you feeling, I’ve really got a lot to explain

I said where is sophy?

Jude: she left about an hour ago to get you something to eat, I didn’t want to leave your side. I wanted you to wake up and see me beside you, I can say I achieved that

Jedi: I see, congratulations

He drew his chair close and held her hands

Jude: A million apologies can’t change or correct what has happened, but, you need to hear me out, I was drugged believe me, It was never intentional.

Jude we have only been married for two years, how could you? I need a break.

“From what?”

Sophia resounded as she entered the room with a basket of fruits and her friends favourite meal ‘yam porridge’. Jude turned around and saw Sophia, her countenance of disdain. He cleared his throat; “Sophy you are back, thank you. Please give us a moment. Walking straight to her friend on the bed while she droped the basket of food on the small drawer just beside her, she replied “ofcourse I will, but that’s after she has eaten her food right infront of me. This comes first. (One will think, shouldn’t he have been the one saying or doing that). Meanwhile Jedi was steering at the hospital ceiling her gaze fixed on it seemingly lost in thought. Then she said:

Jedi: I don’t want to eat anything, I want to talk to Mr Rich

Sophy: Not when I‘m here, you will eat, if not for you at least for that young blood in you

All the while, Sophia really had lot in her thoughts…

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