Somewhere in our depth

There is tranquility that we crave

Calmness and stillness in our soul

Like the sea when there is no turbulence

A place we reach to get the peace

That seems unreachable

Yet necessary to stirs us

For the next course.




imageSomeone once said ” doing what you love and getting paid for it is a great fulfilment”. Added to that for me is; “impacting lives, ordering a cause for change and making money while doing what you love is greater fulfilment”.


Sometimes, Grace, strong courage and inner strenght is needed to heed the call to which cause God wants you to be. Mostly, when your history, background and generations before you has never treaded the path. Obstacles, challenges, forces will try to stand in the way and prevent it. But, believe, God’s designed destiny can never be ultered.

So, be lifted and encouraged!



imageEarly that morning, there was a heavy downpour in the busy city. Cool and cold they set out for the journey, Nothing bothered her because she was still lost. The ambience and the coolness soften her mind and then, she began to ponder “what is happening? It seems the atmospheric and “innermost” condition joined forces together as cloud of Confusion, sadness and depression covered her being. She sighed… It’s time to restart at this point. (Extract from my book)

A Letter to God…

Dear God,

The creator of heaven and earth, the all sufficient one and the merciful One. I am grateful for all your love and blessing and for all the good things you have done on earth Dear Daddy God, sometimes I get troubled and seems am losing my faith, sometimes i ask questions because of the circumstances and situations life throw my paths, sometimes I ponder on your word and get revived, sometimes i feel as if  you are far and have probably forgotten me. This and many more are thoughts that fill my heart many a time.

But, there is one thing certain and sure  Your love endures forever and your tender mercies are new every morning. You can never forget Your own. Dear Daddy God, I however have some questions; why do somethings happen the way they do. God always have answers to all our prayers and He doesn’t Change.


The word of God says in the book of