So, today at our literary society, somewhere in Nigeria West Africa, we will be studying A novel by Flora Nwapa titled “Efuru”.

I would like to write a synopsis of the story and do a critique from my point of view.

Flora Nwapa hails from Nigeria in West Africa and she has authored several books.  Efuru happens to be the main character in the fiction. And Flora was able to use the story to depict the culture of her immediate environment. Efuru is a successful lady in career and wealth. However, she seems not to be successful in terms of relationship and marriage as well as in having children. In two different situations and from two different men efuru is abandoned. Thus, she decides to dedicate herself to the lake goddess who is her reflection in some sense thereby remaining unmarried again.

A critique of the fiction by me: Stories that showcase the culture and situation of the setting and period can sometimes mislead. I don’t see any justifying reason why Efuru should end up as a priestess for the lake goddess.




A House of Refuge Marred by Violence

Stories that touch deep into the bones and marrow.


In 2016, three young Sudanese immigrants were shot inside the old three-story Victorian where many immigrants lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 1957, a Southern man shot his wife and himself in that same house. Sixty years after her grandparents’ death, the couple’s granddaughter, Tanisha C. Ford, returns to her old family home for Elle to examine the parallel ambitions and roadblocks America presents for both of these communities. For the young Sudanese men, the house was the place they started their new lives in America, away from the routine bombings and incessant violence back home. For Ford’s family, it was the place they and many people of color lived after leaving the Jim Crow South for industrial jobs further north. For both groups, it became a symbol of all the roadblocks to freedom and respect that people of color still face.

Every time I saw another mention…

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New Year!

Its A New Dawn!                                 Now lets talk:                                       What are your plans for the year?              What goals have you set?                       I have set goals                                          Which I am trusting God for                  Because I know He is the only one that will fulfil it.                                          I want to urge you to do the same. It’s going to be an amazing year!


Meekness like a dress.



Things might not always go the way you wanted

But if you keep the faith

All things will work for Good.

Never Stop hoping

Never stop believing.

Faith says I will keep pushing

Fate says, I accept my situation.



Prompted by the Daily word post of “SAIL”. I have composed this poem an allegory to the Journey of Life itself. Please read and comment. Thanks.


Sailing across the ocean of life

Journeying along the tides and waves

that  shakes the boat

sending fear to minds

creating doubt, despair and depression

destination  not in sight

yet, further shall we sail

for still we can’t stand

to be consumed by the storm

we will find courage during the storm

till we catch a glimpse of what’s ahead

thus safely reach our destination.